About Us

Purrfect Paws Grooming specializes in individualized care and removes the hassle of travel for clients. Every pet receives one-on-one attention for the duration of the grooming in a cage-free environment.




A little background about me:

My love for animal’s dates back to when I was a young girl, living in a big Italian family with more pets than I can count. Growing up with Shih Tzu's, German Shepherd's and multiple cats, there was an unbreakable bond and an irreplaceable love that guided me to realize my calling.

The compassion and unconditional devotion my pets offered me throughout the years made me want to work with animals in a way that feels uplifting and rewarding. When I discovered grooming, it was an “aha” moment for me. Building connections with animals based on positive and joyful experiences led me to a career that is both fulfilling and satisfying.

I graduated from the PetSmart Academy in 2017 where I became certified as a pet groomer and stylist. I'm qualified in specific breed haircuts, proper pet handling, feline grooming, and working with a multitude of stress and temperament levels. Given the demand for cat groomers, I recognized the absence of trained feline stylists and wanted to offer these additional services to help meet the needs of my clients.

An opportunity presented itself that exposed me to the world of mobile grooming. A reduction in stress levels for pets and the convenience for the families was noticed immediately. After witnessing a significant improvement in behavior, no kennel aggression, and the pet’s comfort of being close to home, I realized this was where I wanted to take my career.


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